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Pensioners Go Crazy For New Hearing Aid

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The latest hearing aids now allow you hear clearer than ever and locate sounds with less effort so you can engage with conversations like you used to.

Hearing aids have previously been uncomfortable, ugly to look at and not provided the best hearing experience. New hearing aids have 360 Degree sound detectors so you can hear everything and everyone at the right volume.

In recent years hearing aids have been revolutionised. They have become smaller, more discreet, more effective and cheaper too as competition has increased. There are many devices that are invisible when worn and available from just a few hundred pounds. Not much for a tiny super computer which could transform your life.

A lot of today’s hearing aids can even work as wireless headphones, connecting via Bluetooth to phones and televisions. In 2016 there was also the world’s first internet connected hearing aid. Who knew that! It does some amazing things.

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Hearing loss is common

However, there are still a staggering 6.7 million people in the UK who could benefit from hearing aids who 1) Don’t know they have a hearing loss 2) Continue to embarrass themselves when mishearing things rather than seek a solution. According to the charity Action on Hearing Loss, one in six people in the UK suffer from some form of hearing loss.

Untreated hearing loss can have a significant impact on quality of life. Feelings of depression and isolation are common and relationships can become strained too. Yet there’s no need to struggle when so many solutions are available to correct the problem.

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Expert advice − find the best solution

For expert advice it’s recommended that you see a hearing aid audiologist. They can help you find the right hearing aid. Anyone aged over 55 should have their hearing checked each year. Remember, modern hearing aids will not just help you communicate better, they can boost your confidence and eliminate those embarrassing situations when you have misheard something.

To learn more about these brilliant new hearing aids and to check if they are suitable for you, book your free hearing test by clicking your location on the map below.

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Hannah Clinton
29th April 2019

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