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Introducing Oticon Opn™, the latest and best hearing aid from
Danish hearing aid manufacturer Oticon.

This remarkable technology is the first of its kind and is leading the hearing aid market.

With Oticon’s brand new technology, the OpenSound Navigator™, Oticon Opn opens up the soundscape of the wearer, allowing you to get a 360-degree view of your listening environment, allowing your brain to hear, analyse and prioritise the sounds you hear.

What does that mean for your hearing experience?


less listening effort*

Compared to Alta2 Pro


More of your conversation remember**

**individual benefit may vary depending on prescription


Better speech understanding

***Compared to Oticon Inium Sense


Faster sound processing***

***Compare to Oticon Inium Sense

What are the benefits of BrainHearing?

Your brain can struggle when you experience hearing loss. When there are many sounds for the brain to focus on, hearing loss can make it difficult for the brain to focus on the sounds you want and need to hear, such as speech.

This can tire the brain out quickly, meaning you can feel fatigued easily, even in situations you once didn’t struggle with (such as conversations in louder environments). It may even mean that you withdraw from social situations you once used to enjoy.

If left unresolved, this social isolation, as well as cognitive decline, are linked to cognitive decline.

Many hearing aids focus on helping the ears by amplifying all sounds, including background noise, to make them easier for the wearer to hear.

Oticon Opn supports the Brain as well as the ears.

By focusing on the soundscape and assessing your listening environment, Oticon Opn is able to assess what sounds are more important and amplify them accordingly whilst also minimising the less important background noise.

This means your brain doesn’t have to work as hard to hear the sounds it needs to and allows for a more natural hearing experience.

Internet Connectivity and Oticon Opn

As well as being at the forefront of hearing aid technology in terms of listening experience, Oticon Opn is also the world’s first internet connected hearing aid.

Using If This Then That (IFTTT) and Cloud technology, Oticon Opn is able to connect with other internet connected devices.

The Award-Winning Oticon Opn

The ground-breaking, and now Award-Winning, Oticon Opn picked up awards throughout 2017.

Edison Awards 2017

Oticon Opn proved itself as one of the best hearing aids on the market by winning Gold in the hearing technology category at the 2017 Edison Awards.

Red Dot Awards 2017

Oticon Opn also picked up the prestigious 2017 Red Dot Design Award for its design aesthetic; which takes into account Oticon Opn’s “raft of technical, performance and functionality innovations”.

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